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The Craft Millers Guild is a nationwide network of small to midsize regional mills.

About the Guild

The Craft Millers Guild was formed in 2018 with the aim to unite the craft milling community through peer-to-peer learning.

Our mission is to provide an inclusive platform where novices and experts alike can exchange knowledge, share best practices, and collaborate to enhance their craft, empower their businesses, and contribute to the craft milling industry's growth.

Access a wealth of collective wisdom, connect with individuals across your regional grain chain, and drive the craft milling industry forward through online meetings, forums, educational resources, workshops, and more.

Members Testimonials


Sarah Cox
Tuckaway Farm

"It has been invaluable access to so much consolidated experience! having easy access to the scope of expertise and generosity of everyone participating would be very hard to replicate without the peer group structure."

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Aaron Grigsby
Deep Roots Milling

"I think the most incredible part of this group has been the openness of the members to share their practices, successes and mistakes with each other in the form of stories and recommendations. Also just knowing there are others out there facing the same challenges and even overcoming them is a great affirmation."

Me_on_420_w_corn_binder_d977541f-8c59-4344-a14b-d542b9d9e48e (1).webp

Julian Arbaugh
Arbaugh Farm

"Some folks have solved the problems I'm having and it's nice to hear how they reached their solution. I built an aspirator because of one of the miller meetings, which was a huge improvement in my production processes."

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