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The Craft Millers Guild is a nationwide
peer-to-peer learning community of small

to midsize regional mills.

Guild members participate in focused discussions on the milling industry, covering the production of items like flour, grits, cereals, tortillas, and more. Gain access to a wealth of collective knowledge, engage in fruitful exchanges, and contribute to the advancement of the craft milling industry through regular online meetings, forum discussions, resource libraries, workshops, and more.
Our mission is to foster connections and facilitate discussions among millers at all levels and collaboratively develop best practices in crop storage, equipment, financing, and milling techniques.
Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned professional, our commitment is to support your goals by providing guidance on financing and aiding in ongoing growth and development.

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"It has been invaluable access to so much consolidated experience! having easy access to the scope of expertise and generosity of everyone participating would be very hard to replicate without the peer group structure."

Craft Millers Guild member

"Building and feeling part of community through the peer group zoom calls has been very helpful - there is so much knowledge in this group and so much curiosity - it's fantastic to have a space for learning shared struggles and solutions and a forum to reach out to in real time with issues that arise."

Craft Millers Guild member

"Some folks have solved the problems I'm having and it's nice to hear how they reached their solution. I built an aspirator because of one of the miller meetings, which was a huge improvement in my production processes."

Craft Millers Guild member


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